Communal Cleaning

A nice and tidy communal area speaks volumes about the general upkeep of a building.

As a result the standard of cleanliness in your communal areas is always our priority.

Our top communal cleaners work with numerous managing agents, housing associations and privately managed buildings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; delivering high-quality and reliable services time after time.

It doesn’t matter whether your a resident, residents association, factor or landlord. Here at MCJ Cleaning we have you covered.

We routinely clean communal areas in Sutton Coldfield removing debris from stairs, dust away cobwebs from corners and remove any other dirt that can detract from the appearance of your communal areas.

We are a one stop service and ensure all areas are brushed, mopped, polished and wiped.

We are contracted to a number of property management companies taking care of different types of residential and commercial buildings every day.

For a free quote please contact us on 07538791502.